SAA is a way for undergraduate students to enhance their experience while at Clemson University. SAA provides a way to connect and foster a lifelong bond with Clemson. While it does not cost students to join SAA, By making the yearly gift ($20 initially, $10 each year after) back to Clemson University as a student, SAA members establish a lifetime of service and connection with our institution.


1. “Ever Loyal” Book – The Ever Loyal Book outlines the ‘bucket list’ for Clemson students, providing a list of traditions and events every student should try to do before graduation. SAA members who complete all 30 tasks in the Ever Loyal Book are eligible to receive an Ever Loyal gift to wear at graduation.

2. Event Benefits – SAA members will receive priority ring ceremony seating for family members, bonus senior week opportunities, priority chicken sandwiches at Cocky’s Funeral, five free tickets for Welcome Back Festival, etc.

3. SAA T-shirt – Drop by the Alumni Center to pick up your shirt.

4. Appreciation days – In order to thank all members of SAA for their gifts to Clemson and their dedication to this university, SAC holds an annual SAA Appreciation Day in the spring for all current members. Last year, free ice cream was given away from ’55 Exchange to thank all SAA members.

5. Along with meetings to connect with SAA members throughout the year!

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