The Dallas/Ft. Worth Clemson Club is a group of alumni, parents, and friends that all share a passion for Clemson University. We meet frequently to watch our Tigers play, as well as support the University in its aim to become a Top-25 Public University. Just one of 80 chapters across the country, our group makes a consolidated effort to represent Clemson through: (1) Networking (2) Service (3) Advocacy (4) Fundraising (5) Fun.

Class of 2023 Send-off (Ross & Hall Kitchen)


Currently, more than 1,000 registered alumni on LinkedIn call the Metroplex area home, while roughly 400 Tigers monitor our Facebook group. We try to connect both veteran and young professionals alike by coordinating events that everyone can find mutual interest in. Have an idea for a social event? Want to get coffee with a Tiger? Looking for a mentor? New to the area? Let us know! We want to foster connections and keep our sense of family strong.

One of many watch parties at Eastwood’s Bar in Uptown Dallas


Clemson’s participation in community service and outreach is what gives us solid orange pride. Each year our club commits to at least 1-2 volunteer opportunities. Over the past few years we’ve been proud to work with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army.


One of the most important goals for any Tiger is be a good ambassador. We all have that responsibility to represent Clemson. This can oftentimes be done passively through things like wearing school colors on Friday or placing a decal on your vehicle. In the past, the Clemson alumni club has represented the university at college fairs in local high schools. We ask that all our club members advocate for Clemson by being open about their Tiger background and speak up when a person wants to learn more!

Tigers serving lunch at the Salvation Army.


This past fiscal year, Clemson alumni gave back a record breaking $750M to the Clemson Foundation. That ranks us at the top of the country in alumni giving. This doesn’t happen without a sense of pride, community and family. Alumni chapters across the country have a role to play in this. The DFW Clemson Club partners with the Austin and San Antonio chapters each year to provide an endowment to a young Tiger in Texas. We are still working to raise money for our total scholarship of $25,000. The fund is designed to help a Texas student attend Clemson. A portion of club dues is designated to this cause.

Fellow Tigers at the annual Community Kickoff Event (Community Beer Co.)


By far the easiest task given to us by the University: just have fun. Many of our recurring events happen in the form of social networking at Fall community kick-offs, football watch parties and city bar crawls. The goal remains the same each time—get Tigers together and explore the great metroplex we call home. It’s a great time to be a Clemson Tiger and who doesn’t want a reason to celebrate? Each year our family grows and when Tigers come together, the conversations just start flowing. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.